Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake

Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog. A thick and fluffy sour cream cake filled with gooey raspberry and sweetened rhubarb. The whole cake is topped with a brown butter and sugar streusel crumb. This is a simple and easy summer cake that bakes quicky and can be easily adapted for a number of other summer berries, stone fruit, or other fruits. Find the recipe for this dessert like breakfast / snack cake at thewoodandspoon.com / woodandspoon.com .

Bonjour, friends! I am writing to you today from sunny St. Barth's- the French-speaking Caribbean island full of chic travelers, posh locals, and divine cuisine. I'm definitely a little fish in a big pond here, but honestly, I couldn't feel fancier if I tried. Brett and I traveled to the island with some dear friends and have spent the better part of the past few days sun bathing, day drinking, and taking in all of the European vibes the island has to offer. It's been incredible getting to unplug and I can't wait to share more about out trip with y'all later. All of the world travel seemed to be an appropriate time to share this raspberry rhubarb crumb cake and to tell you about another recent international experience I had.Several weeks ago, my friend Erin of Cloudy Kitchen flew from Brooklyn, NY to our small, Southern town for a...

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Samoa Ice Cream

Samoa Ice Cream Recipe by the Wood and Spoon Blog. This is an easy, no churn coconut ice cream filled with toasted shredded coconut flakes, shortbread cookie crumbs, salted caramel and gooey hot fudge sauce. You can make this Girl Scout Cookie inspired ice cream without any ice cream maker! Just a little whipped cream and a few make ahead toppings create a simple no-churn ice cream that will remind everyone of the Samoa cookie/ tagalong cookie. Find the quick summer ice cream cone recipe and tutorial at thewoodandspoon.com / woodandspoon.com .

In our house, summer shows up with a bang, and for a few months, our days are changed. We plan our weekdays around sidewalk chalk and our weekends around trips to the lake. Afternoons are spent in wet bathing suits and bare feet, and the smells of charcoal fires and fresh cut grass abound. Even our freezer changes, filling up with blueberries that we've picked, fish that we've caught, and frozen treats like the Samoa ice cream that I'm sharing with you all today.Summertime comes every year at no surprise, yet I'm always taken back by how much I've missed it. By how good it feels to thaw my bones. Sure, in a few weeks, I'll beg for an autumn breeze. I'll wish away the heat and the sweat. I'll long for chunky sweaters and curse my jean shorts for forcing me to shave my legs one more time. But for now, I'll enjoy the glow. I'll take in all the barbecues...

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Raspberry Streusel Cake

Raspberry Streusel Cake Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog. Three layers of brown sugar vanilla cake filled with a quick and simple raspberry compote and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar streusel crumble. The naked cake is coated in a tangy cream cheese frosting. This layer cake can be prepared in parts days in advance and stays moist over time. Find this party cake recipe (perfect for holidays and Mother's Day !) on www.thewoodandspoon.com / woodandspoon.com

Today, my sweet George turns one. The little guy who gave us a fright by coming a few weeks early. The baby who greets me every morning with smiles and wildly kicking legs. My bittiest buddy turns one today and while we'll celebrate his life this weekend with friends, balloons, and even this raspberry streusel cake, today I'm thinking about all the days it took us to get here and the opportunity of the days that are to come. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about what memories my kids will have of me. Maybe the smell of homemade honey oat bread when they come home from school. They might recall sprinkling chocolate chips into the bowl of the stand mixer or drizzling honey on the tops of biscuits fresh from the oven. Maybe the sound of butter sizzling, popping on the stove top, or even me cursing under my breath at a burned...

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Honey Nut Biscuits and Breakfast Ideas for Mother’s Day

Honey Nut Biscuits Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog. Flaky butter biscuits sweetened naturally with honey and filled with nuts like pecans or walnuts. This simple recipe makes biscuits with lots of layers and doesn't require laminating. Recipe and other Mother's Day breakfast in bed menu inspiration on thewoodandspoon.com // woodandspoon.com

Happy almost Mother's Day to all those baby mamas out there who are crushing it. To the ones who are working hard to raise babies, punch time clocks, manage baseball practice schedules, and so on and so forth. You work it 365 days a year, usually without any thank yous, awards, or so much as time to enjoy an extra generous pour of wine during the witching hour. Mother's Day is a day where, in an ideal world, you would get to do you. You could wake up, leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee, and maybe even nibble on one of these honey nut biscuits. There'd be flowers waiting at your bedside, and well behaved children would have already fed, groomed, and entertained themselves while you adjusted to the morning light. But let's be real- the chances of that happening are slim. More than likely, there's a dirty diaper or a Cheerios explosion waiting for you. There's a...

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Sparkling Margaritas

Sweet, tart, and bubbly fresh squeezed sparkling margaritas made with elderflower liquor (St. Germaine), cava or sparkling wine / champagne, tequila, and fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice (or sour mix). The recipe and other cinco de mayo margarita inspiration is available on The Wood and Spoon Blog // thewoodandspoon.com

These sparkling margaritas are so festive, so perfectly tart and bubbly, that I decided to write a little short story about them. I'll let you read it if you promise not to laugh. You'll catch on soon enough that I spend a lot of hours of my life reading children's stories to my babies, and if you're in the same boat as me, I bet you'll be able to identify which story this little tidbit is inspired by. If you give a girl a sparkling margarita, she's going to want some chips and queso. She'll go to the store to pick up some cheese, and while she's there, she'll see some rainbow sprinkles. It will remind her of her favorite confetti ice cream cake, and she will end up wanting to make it. She'll buy her queso and sprinkles and then head home to begin baking. While she's waiting for the cake to bake,...

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Derby Pie Bars

Derby Pie Bars Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog. This buttery shortbread bar is based on favorite Kentucky recipe. With a crumble crust, bourbon pecan pie and brown sugar filling, and a drizzle of chocolate these simple bars bake up quickly and are enjoyable for a crowd. Get the recipe in time for the Kentucky derby at www.thewoodandspoon.com.

In two days, I'll be celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary. Yes, I already know what you're thinking. You think I'm going to spend the next few paragraphs spouting about marriage, right? About love. About how my husband is the best, or how married life is hard, or about any number of silly things that I may have learned over the course of the past four years. Well, joke's on you! Today we're talking all about these derby pie bars.Brett and I got married on my grandparent's farm in Kentucky the week before The Derby. It was a small, outdoor ceremony on a private corner of the farm's rolling green hills. I shivered through the ceremony, half nervous, half chilled from the wet air that blew on that gray day. We said "I Do," tried not to make out in front of all of our friends and family, and headed to the reception which...

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog. Tart rhubarb, sweet berries and a touch of cinnamon make this the perfect pie. Post includes information on how to use and trim rhubarb, tips on preparing the perfect flaky butter pie crust, and other spring pie inspiration. Can be made with a decorative or lattice pie top. thewoodandspoon.com

Spring- the onset of blooming trees, baseball games, and berry-filled desserts like this strawberry rhubarb pie. While the rest of the world debates whether or not to wait until Memorial day to break out their shorts and white denim, I'll be licking my sticky fingers free of this gooey, fruity pie and soaking up every last minute of sunshine and 70 degrees these days have to offer.This past weekend was filled with quintessential spring moments (I'm looking at you, backyard picnics!), and this stir crazy mama couldn't be happier about it. Being cooped up indoors through the winter months is tough on morale when there's no escaping the chaos that comes with two children under two. There's no quick stops for sno-cones, no trips to the pool, no long walks in the stroller to survive the witching hour. Thankfully, spring shows up all sunshiny and pastel-colored to revive us from...

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