Chocolate Sweet Rolls

Chocolate Sweet Rolls Recipe by Kate Wood of The Wood and Spoon Blog. This recipe makes two pans of fluffy cinnamon buns filled with a chocolate and espresso swirl filling. A cream cheese glaze frosting finishes off these perfect breakfast treats. The dough is similar to a brioche style dough as it contains a bit of sugar, milk and eggs. This is a yeast roll. They make a great holiday brunch item , treat, or dessert. Find the recipe and the how to on

I may or may not be crying real tears, as the reality of #monthofchocolate coming to a close is too much for me to bear. Nothing gives me more pleasure than rolling out decadent chocolatey goodness for y’all, so you better believe we’re going to wrap up this month with two beyond-fab in one week, starting with these chocolate sweet rolls.I am a huge fan of sweetened yeast rolls. While the process of making, rising, filling, and baking the dough can be a bit lengthy, the end product totally justifies the means. Nothing says "WORTH IT" like two pans of sweet, fluffy dough wrapped around a rich, coffee-scented chocolate filling. If you give them a try, I think you'll agree.The recipe for these chocolate breakfast rolls are a combination of a few other buns on my site (see here, here, and here!) and the dough for my favorite cinnamon bread. We start the dough by dissolving the yeast...

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Brookies (Brownie Cookie Bars)

Brookies Brownie Cookies by The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a recipe for brownie cookie bars, baked in a 9" pan. For when you can't decide between sweets! A rich cocoa powder and chocolate chip brownie topped with a salty chocolate chunk blondies-like cookie. They taste great with ice cream! Find the recipe and simple how to for this dessert at

Have you heard of brookies? If you're unfamiliar, fear not, because we are going to get down to the nitty gritty in today's #monthofchocolate installment. Brookies are essentially brownie cookie bars, a treat that is equal parts chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter. Both components are baked into one ultra-rich and satisfying dessert, the ultimate treat for the chocolate lover who refuses to choose between chocolate chip cookies and brownies. My experience with brookies began as a kid. Growing up, my Nana and I would take day trips to the next town over where we would shop for books and eat lunch. We'd spend hours thumbing through stories and magazines, acquiring stacks of paperbacks and colorfully illustrated pages to take home for keeps. Any vacation to visit my Nana was incomplete without an outing to that bookseller, and I firmly believe that my love for reading and writing began in the quiet corners of that store.Shopping was always followed by lunch, and we'd...

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YOU NEED TO KNOW: How to Make Ganache (and Homemade Chocolate Truffles!)

You Need to Know How to Make Ganache and Homemade Chocolate Truffles by The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This simple tutorial will teach you the ins and out of preparing ganache from bittersweet , milk, semisweet, dark, or white chocolate. From there, learn to make a few different types of truffles including coconut, orange, coffee, peppermint, hazelnut, Nutella, peanut butter, and sea salt. This recipe and how to will teach you how to make pourable glaze, whipped, thick and fudgy filling ganache, and more. Find the recipe and learn how to make homemade candy for Valentine's Day on

There are a few recipes that every home baker needs to know like the back of their hand. Ganache, with only two ingredients and two steps to create it, is one of a few baking fundamentals that can elevate homemade dishes to sweet, chocolatey bliss. Despite its simplicity, ganache often scares bakers away from attempting to make it themselves at home. Today, in an effort to conquer this Everest, we are going to cover the basics on ganache so that you can create decadent, chocolate dishes with ease from here on out. We're also going to learn how to make 4 different types of homemade chocolate truffles from a single ganache base, so if you're interested in making some treats for your valentine (or yourself, no judgement here!), this is a post you'll want to listen in on. Let's get started!What Is It? Ganache is the mixture of warmed cream and chocolate that can be used to glaze, fill, coat, or...

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Turtle Ice Cream by The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a creamy chocolate ice cream adapted from jenny Britton Bauer, swirled with salted caramel sauce, hot fudge, and toasted pecans. This ice cream is super creamy, rich, sweet and salty. The toasted nuts add crunch that makes this ice cream a simple delicious homemade treat. Find the recipe on

Y'ALL. It's already here, and I'm so excited that I could almost pee my pants. We're celebrating something way better than Christmas morning, the first day of school, or even a second date with a major hottie, because today marks the beginning of MONTH OF CHOCOLATE.Do you guys remember all the chocolate shenanigans we partook in last year? There were homemade chocolates and a white chocolate layer cake. There was a hazelnut mocha cream pie and two minty desserts: sandwich cookies and a mint brownie ice cream cake. We played with cocoa powder and dark chocolate bars, mini chocolate chips and fudgy ganache. Basically it was a sticky-sweet month of decadent chocolate desserts, and those few short days were so glorious that it had to be a tradition in the making. So people, today we start the second annual #monthofchocolate, and yes, it's okay to cry real tears of joy. I know I am. Before you...

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Butterscotch Blondies

Butterscotch Blondies by the Wood and Spoon blog by Kate Wood. These are simple rich, and easy blondies made with brown sugar, pecans, and butterscotch chips. The caramel taste in these bars are crowd pleasers and perfect for sharing with a group of people. The recipe bakes quickly in a brownie pan and can be frozen and made ahead. Find the recipe for these nutty blondies on

Thanks, you guys. Thanks for being an awesome blog family. Thanks for not judging the amount of butter and cream cheese we consume here. Thank you for loving me in spite of my rambling and grammatical errors. Y'all are great. One of my goals for 2018 was to spend more energy on gratitude- to live out days that were overflowing with thanksgiving. I know, I know, we talk about that a lot here, but it's primarily because I require so many reminders to be thankful. Life tends to kick us in the proverbial nuts sometimes, and I can't help but wonder if a heart filled with gratitude might somehow manage to find the gold, even in those moments. Don't you think so?My mom bought me this book called "The Five Minute Journal." As its name suggests, the journal requires just a few moments every morning and evening to create a few lists that focus your sights...

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Marble Loaf Pound Cake

Marble Loaf Pound Cake by The Wood and Spoon blog by Kate Wood. This is a moist and rich recipe for pound cake inspired by the chocolate marble loaf cake at Starbucks! This makes one big bread loaf that is perfect for breakfast or dessert. The recipe is topped with a chocolate ganache glaze. The vanilla and chocolate batter is swirled together to give a marbled look! Find the recipe for this southern style buttermilk pound cake on

Happy Monday to my favorite band of butter and sugar pushers! Is your week off to a joyful start? Has January been treating you well?Here in Alabama, we are experiencing one of the coldest winters of all time. (I'm talking icicles-hanging-off-your-car cold. Frozen-boogers-crusted-on-your-kid's-face cold. Wearing-two-bras-to-hide-your-nipples cold.) We've been trapped inside for a few weeks now, and if the icy weather doesn't get to you, being stuck inside with stir-crazy children probably does.The past few days have been spent building fires, watching reruns of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," and carb-loading from our positions on the couch. Of course my kids have loved these new winter privileges, but to be honest, being stuck inside with two tiny humans that are cracked out on cartoons and Teddy Grahams is pretty close to mental purgatory. The combination of boredom and pent-up energy is constantly at risk of combusting into a tornado of toys in the living room, food fights, or temper tantrums. Winter-pocolypse indeed.To stay busy, I've been...

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a thick and chewy cookie flavored with peanut butter, roasted peanuts, and semisweet or dark chocolate chunks. Oatmeal gives these cookies an extra chewy inside. These cookies freeze well and can be made ahead and are healthier because of added protein from nut butter and fiber from oats. Find the recipe on

I was that girl. I was the one who sat at her corner booth eyeing your table full of mess and sticky hands. I was the one who cleared my throat a little too loud in the check out line at TJ Maxx while your kid had a meltdown. And yes, I’m the girl who turned to give you the stink eye on the airplane when your toddler kicked my seat.Prior to having kids, high and mighty was the name of my game. I had a million opinions on parenting and a laundry list of things I would or would not do with my own children someday. I'd roll my eyes at friends who lamented over dinner time woes and turn up my nose in disgust at the kid with boogers dripping down his face. Most of the issues I observed from my ivory tower were, in my mind, the result of poor parenting...

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