Sweet and Savory Rugelach

Sweet and Savory Rugelach by Wood and Spoon blog. These are traditional rugelach cookies made two ways: one with a blue cheese, fig spread, and Diamond Walnuts filling, and another made with white chocolate and Marcona almonds. The savory cookie is a perfect small bite appetizer for holiday gatherings and the white chocolate one is a decadent dessert. The pastry here flakes up and crisps almost like pastry dough. Try these yummy holiday treats with the recipe on thewoodandspoon.com

Y'all, I am about as merry as a box of candy canes right now. We have, quite literally, one million things in the air right now- a house we're building, a potential move-in date a week away, work deadlines,  end of year birthdays and parties- but I am determined to be the most holly jolly Mom of two munchkins this side of the North Pole. Never mind that my house looks like a corrugated box and styrofoam explosion; who cares that I haven't showered, like, at all this week. We're gonna press on, and we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas! (10 points if you can name that movie quote!)Last weekend I tried to get the kids in the Christmas spirit with a few traditional activities. We made a gingerbread house (LOL), visited Santa Claus at a local church, and even went decorated sugar cookies. We saw "The Grinch"...

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Poached Pear Trifles

Poached Pear Trifles with wine pears, cranberries, pomegranate, Donsuemor madeleines and a creamy whipped filling. These trifles are sweet and tangy and boozy all at the same time. First up are red wine and cinnamon poached pears and cranberries that are cooked until soft. These are layered with a cream cheese or mascarpone whipped filling scented with orange zest, French madeleines, and more fresh fruit! Make these treats for a fancy holiday gathering. You can make large trifles or smaller individual ones. Recipe on thewoodandspoon.com by Kate Wood

I'm slowly learning that parenting is approximately 20% trickery. Whether it be with potty training, getting dressed for school, or even coercing them into (or out of) the bath, I often find myself leaning on trickery to get my kids to do what I want them to do. Awesome parenting, right? Take for instance eating new foods. The current battle royale in our home is convincing my kids that they will like a food they've never tried before. Now don't be fooled into thinking this issue lies specifically with fruits, vegetable, or other decidedly "healthy" foods. No, it seems that when my children come under the notion that they will not like a food they will simply refuse to eat it, often with little reason at all. This morning, Aimee decided she didn't want bagels with cream cheese and jam. Yes, you read right- bagels.  She took one look at it...

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Lemon Olive Oil Pie

Lemon Olive Oil Pie Recipe by wood and spoon blog. This is a lemon zest and juice filled chess pie made with and olive oil pie crust. The flavor of the Lucini olive oil comes out subtly and perfumes this pie. The crust crisps nicely and the filled stays gooey and sweet like a lemon bar. Finish the pie off with freshly whipped cream. Read more about the recipe on thewoodandspoon.com

How's that post-Thanksgiving hangover treating you? Have you exhausted your drawstring pants and oversized tees? Have you polished off your final few turkey sandwiches and leftover slices of pie?With our move-in date looming just around the corner, we opted to stay close by for Thanksgiving to celebrate with Brett's family. Although I enjoy the nuances of holidays with his family, I can't help but miss the comfort and familiarity of the traditions that I grew up with. I'm obsessed with the cornbread dressing and bacon-y green beans that this Southern Thanksgiving provided me, but I missed the things that really make it feel like the holidays- my grandparents scurrying around the kitchen, nibbling on trays of olives with my Mom, and even passing around that carrot salad that absolutely no one eats. It's funny how much things like that, the atmosphere and the faces and the flavors that you grow...

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Sweet Potato Meringue Pie

Sweet Potato Meringue Pie by Wood and Spoon blog. This is a butter and shortening pie crust blind baked and filled with a sweet potato, pumpkin tasting filling, cinnamon, and warm spices. The topping is a brown sugar and cinnamon marshmallow meringue that is cooked on the stove and whipped to stiff peaks. The whole thing is torched for a toasty golden finish. Read more about this fall autumn favorite pie for holidays (especially thanksgiving!) on thewoodandspoon.com by Kate Wood

This post has been sponsored by The Incredible Egg. All opinions expressed are my own. This time of year is so wonderfully cozy. Even in the South where winters threaten of 80 degree temperatures and absolutely no snow, I can't resist bundling up in thick socks and fuzzy turtlenecks. Jewels tones and wool, cinnamon and pumpkin, crackling fires and crunchy leaves are non-negotiables for me, and if that's not an indication of how much I adore autumn then I don't know anything.As a baker, I look forward to the fall for the flavors and the time spent around the table. I know that whatever comes out of my kitchen will almost inevitably be shared with a few grateful hearts in my kitchen or the home of someone else. Those sentiments, the exploding heart feels of love and gratitude and joy are kind of contagious this time of year, and it's so...

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Peanut Butter Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut butter caramel pretzel chocolate chip cookies recipe. These are chewy peanut butter cookies with pretzel twists, chocolate chunks, and caramel bits. These are sweet and salty treats perfect for the holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or cookie exchanges. Find the giant chewy gooey cookies on thewoodandspoon.com by Kate wood

Today's recipe has zero shame. This is the kind of over-the-top cookie that might feel like a little much to some people, but to me, it's drool-worthy. I'm 100% Team Salty Sweet and these peanut butter caramel pretzel chocolate chip cookies hit the nail on the head of every flavor I want in a dessert. I think you're going to love them too, so let's talk about how to make them.We start by stirring melted butter and peanut butter together until smooth. Add in the sugars and stir until creamed well. Next comes the eggs and vanilla extract followed by the dry ingredients- flour, salt, and leavening. When it's all well combined, stir in the bits of pretzels, chocolate chunks, and caramel chips until everything is combined. Scoop rounds of dough (I use this cookie scoop!) and top each one with a pretzel twist or a few broken crumbs, allowing...

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Sweet Tea Hot Toddy

Sweet Tea Hot Toddy recipe by Wood and spoon blog. This is a bourbon, lemon, cinnamon and honey cocktail sweetened with pre made red diamond sweet tea. A southern take on the classic cocktail. Serve it warm for a refreshingly cozy holiday winter beverage. Make for a crowd for parties too! Read more at thewoodandspoon.com

Here in the South, we're serious about a few things. I've talked about this a few times, but as I settle into life as a Southerner, I become more and more aware of what we're all about here.For starters, kindness and manners matter. If you're not calling your Mama "Ma'am," you might as well be sticking your tongue out at her. We hold the door open for others, gentlemen stand when ladies arrive, and we always, always, ALWAYS say the blessing before a meal. End of story.Second, we love football. SEC is everything and the fall ballgame schedule reigns supreme. If you're not into football, you're just not in [Slowly raises hand and backs away].And finally, we take pride in our food. Almost everyone has a favorite fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, or pecan pie recipe. Each family has a secret marinade or sauce, an heirloom cookie recipe, or method...

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Cheesy Dinner Rolls

Cheesy Dinner Rolls with Tomato Dipping Sauce recipe by wood and spoon. These are soft and fluffy yeast rolls filled with gooey mozzarella cheese. Baked in a skillet and topped with italian herbs and cheese, these rolls serve as a great appetizer, side dish, and more! Make your holiday bread bowls extra delicious with these stuffed yeast breads! Check it out on thewoodandspoon.com

I don't know about you, but I've already started preparing my body for the holidays. Although I exercise and try to eat reasonably healthy about 90% of the year, November and December are the months where I let delicious food (and the company I share it with) shine. There's almost always fancy appetizers and indulgent desserts, an extra glass of wine, or rich, savory dishes that I really only break out around the holidays. I can already feel my insides getting excited to nibble on all of those seasonal bites that we enjoy this time of year. In years past, the one thing I've not had much trouble saying no to is the bread basket. On the Thanksgiving table, at the church potluck, and even in my own home kitchen, those little brown-and-serve rolls, cold biscuits, and dense muffins just really don't do anything for me. When there's cornbread dressing and...

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