Berry Rhubarb Tart

Berry Rhubarb Tart by Wood and Spoon blog. This is an almond shortbread crust tart filled with fresh strawberries and rhubarb. The remaining crust is crumbled on top of this elegant simple tart along with sliced almonds. This is a pretty dessert to make in the summer and spring and is perfect for ladies' tea or Mother's Day! Find the recipe for this pastry at by Kate Wood

Fri-yay, Fri-yay, Fri-yay! With Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, and a number of other awesome events, this weekend has loads to be excited about. I've got your weekend round-up and a serious berry rhubarb tart to share with you kids this morning! Let's get started! Essential Margaritas Did you see the rosé margarita I shared earlier this week? Food & Wine shared their 19 essential margarita recipes, and you better believe they look amazing. For more boozy ideas, check out my other cocktail recipes here! Mother's Day Gift Guides Don't forget to be a mother lover this year. Food52 shared a brilliant gift guide for the mamas in your world. Check it out here! Madewell x Crewcuts If you're buying treats for the moms, you might as well get something for kiddos too! Madewell just released a clothing collab with J.Crew and it is beyond adorable. The little girl items have strawberries all over them,...

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Rosé Margaritas

Rosé Margaritas By Wood and Spoon blog. These rose margaritas contain just a few ingredients- tequila, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and rose wine. Simple to make and easy to batch for a large crowd, these refreshing summer beverages are the perfect way to celebrate cinco de mayo or other poolside fiesta. Find the recipe on!

Last week, I polled my Instagram followers to find out what cocktail they would be most excited about double fisting for the margarita week celebration that is now upon us. The toss up was between fresh ginger margaritas or rosé margaritas, and although the race was tight, it turns out y'all are a bunch of basic, summer water-loving fools like me. Rosé margaritas FTW!Now I know being "basic" gets a bad rap, but let me clarify by saying that there is no shame in loving things that are universally good. Rosé wine is so delicious and refreshing that I'm fine to chalk it up among the masses of other Americanized favorites. If yoga pants, La Croix, and sharing photos of your coffee on Instagram can continue to find a home in today's society then certainly we can all make a little room for the most aesthetically pleasing wine of this millennium,...

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Strawberry Icebox Pie

Strawberry Icebox Pie by Wood and Spoon Blog. This is a simple no-bake recipe for a frozen ice cream cake of sorts that is perfect for summer parties and backyard bbq. A sweet and salty pecan graham cracker crust is topped with a light and fluffy strawberry cream made with cream cheese, frozen berries, and whipped cream. You can make this dessert ahead and store in the freezer until ready to serve a crowd. This simple dessert is a great birthday treat that kids and adults will love. Find the recipe by Kate Wood on

I'm having a great day. I'm talking extra whipped cream on your frappacino kind of day. An accidental sale at Madewell kind of day. A find a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of your old jeans kind of day. Listen, we don't need a reason to celebrate around here, but darnit, if we did we would have it. So what are we celebrating? For starters, Brett and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage! True, 5 years of marriage is nothing compared to 10, 20, or 50 years, but if you're already married you know that most days it's a miracle you made it past the first 12 months. Little victories, people, little victories!Next, it's my Mom's birthday! This is the same lady who gave me life! The one who took care of me when I had the stomach bug and loved me through that whole year I had a...

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Derby Pie Cookies

Derby Pie Cookies by Wood and Spoon Blog. These are chewy chocolate chip cookies filled with toasted pecans and bourbon whiskey. Inspired by the famous Kentucky derby dessert, these cookies take all of the favorite pie flavors and stuff them into one chewy chocolate chunk cookies. With molten centers and buttery crisp edges, these chewy treats are fun to make for a party or holiday dessert. Find the recipe on by Kate wood

You can take the girl out of Kentucky but you can't take the Kentucky out of the girl.I was born in Lexington, Kentucky and spent the first few years of my life in a small town about an hour away. Over the years that followed, I regularly visited family across the state, and it was there that my love affair with Southern culture began. While my short stint in Danville hardly qualifies me to claim Kentucky as my home sweet home, I have enough roots situated beneath that bluegrass to know that good things happen in the land of bourbon and basketball. Those rolling hills have always felt a little like home, so it pleases me to no end to share today's recipe with you all. In just a few weeks, Southerners, socialites, and gamblers alike will join to participate in the Kentucky Derby, and you had better believe I wish...

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Jam-Filled Scones

Jam-Filled Scones by Wood and Spoon Blog. These are tender and rich cake scones, perfect for morning breakfast or brunch. This recipe makes buttery brown edges and is soft from the cream. The scones are stuffed with jelly of choice and topping with sugar. Find the recipe for the tea party favorite on

If the start of this week has left you with a case of the Mondays, keep reading, because we are going to pump it up today with these jam-filled scones. We all need a little fancy, right? Sometimes life gives you lemons and you just need to squeeze every bit of that juice into a pinkies-out champagne cocktail. When my week jumps to a rocky start, I like to reset with something that feels like a treat, a special baked good that can turn the ordinary and mundane into something that feels really good.These jam-filled scones are the remedy for your weekday woes. Anything stuffed is a win in my book, but something about these morning baked goods make me feel like a queen. The pastry has a soft and cakey crumb, trimmed with buttery, crisp edges, and is filled with a fruity center courtesy of your favorite store-bought or homemade...

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Buttermilk Bread

Buttermilk Bread Recipe by Wood and Spoon Blog. This is a fluffy tangy soft homemade bread recipe made without a bread maker. Buttermilk and all-purpose flour make up this mild sandwich bread that is simple for beginners and very few ingredients. You can knead by hand or using a dough hook of a stand mixer. Perfect for deli sandwiches or PB&J. Find the recipe and how to by Kate Wood on

I was just sitting down to write this post when I got a text from my daughter's schoolteacher. "Aimee slapped another child in the face." WHAT?! My Aimee girl? The child who soothes her brother when he barely scrapes a knee? The girl who tells her friends to be more kind when they tease her for no reason? It couldn't be. As a parent, there's a lot of things you can't control and sometimes kids just pick up actions and language out of the blue. We like to pretend that we can discipline or encourage or bribe them into submission, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes your kid is going to do or say something that shocks the heck out of you. Sometimes your kid is the savage that slaps someone cold in the face. Kids get away with things that would never fly in adulthood. When you're a...

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe By Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. These are coconut oil and flaxseed meal egg cookies make with jumbo dark chocolate chunks with gooey centers. The cookies are big with crispy edges and chewy centers. The cookies are made with organic sugars and can be made gf with a one for one flour mix. This is a one bowl simple recipe that requires no rest time. Cookies can be made ahead and stored in the freezer. Find the recipe and how to for these dairy free treats on

First things first: I am not a vegan. I love butter more than the average bear and go through an ungodly amount of eggs each week. Give me heavy cream and regular ice cream any day, okay? But sometimes we want options. We want to share food with our health-concious friends and make desserts that those on diet restrictions can enjoy too. I started working on these vegan chocolate chip cookies for my sister who had been following a vegan diet for a few years. In a strange turn of events, she liberalized her diet right around the time that I finally nailed these cookies, but I'm thrilled either way because these cookies are the bomb. They're just really good. Let me give you the scoop on them.These vegan chocolate chip cookies are a coconut oil-based treat made with organic sugars, all-purpose flour, and dark vegan chocolate. A flaxseed egg...

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