Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Blueberries and Brown Butter Crumble

Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Blueberries and Brown Butter Crumb Topping Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This recipe makes two loaves of moist southern style pound cake swirled with blueberries and topped with a brown butter brown sugar crumble. This is a simple recipe with many of the elements being make ahead. This is also a great breakfast loaf/ dessert to share with friends because there are two cakes made! Find the recipe on

If I could, I would box each and every one of you a loaf of this brown sugar pound cake. I'd fashion it with parchment paper and a curl of ribbon, along with a handwritten note of sorts. We'd nibble on a slice over a cup of coffee, and it'd be in that space that we'd share stories, the joys and the horrors, of our week. This brown sugar pound cake is the kind of treat that's meant for gifting and inspires sharing, like a buttery little love note to send to the people who count.I've recently spent a fair amount of time thinking about why I love this craft so much. In a matter of years, baking and cooking has melted into the nooks and crannies of my life, pouring edges to the mold of who I am, of who I want to be. It's less of a hobby or a means of nourishment, but...

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BBC Popsicles and Our Time in St. Barth’s

BBC Popsicles Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog by kate Wood. This is a boozy, creamy popsicle made from Bailey's Irish cream, bananas, and cream of coconut. This frozen dessert take on the tropical beach drink is the perfect summer poptail. Boozy desserts have never been so fun and easy to make! Dip the popsicle in a magic chocolate shell and toasted coconut for a festive pretty take on these popsicles. Find the recipe and how to make homemade popsicles on

Bonjour, y'all! Is it cool if we get boozy on a Tuesday? Can we agree to put out some beach vibes even if it's from the desk of our chair at work? Today I'm sharing these BBC popsicles with you (that's Bailey's, banana, and coconut!), and in order to do so, I've gotta do some backpedaling. You need hear about the vacay that inspired these bad boys. So let's dive in!At the end of May, Brett and I traveled with our main squeeze BFFs to St. Barth's, the sunny overseas collectivity of France located in the West Indies. The island had long been on my bucket list and I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to go. Two flights and a dicey puddle jumper was all it took to transport us to a place that felt a world away. Within minutes of landing on the island, I could tell that we weren't in Kansas...

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Honey Mascarpone Tart with Figs and Salty Graham Cracker Crust

Honey Mascarpone Tart By The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a simple, summer dessert. A no-bake cheesecake tart of sorts with a salty press in graham cracker and a creamy cheese filling. The tart is naturally sweetened with honey and is topped with toasted pistachios and fresh figs. This dessert can be made ahead and is quick- it takes less than 30 minutes of prep time. Make this little tartlet in place of summer pies. Find the whole recipe and photos on

I know. You're just dying to read all about this sassy little honey mascarpone tart that requires less than 10 ingredients and 30 minutes to prep. But first, I thought I'd spend a minute talking about making a home in a new city. When I moved to Selma, it was a culture shock. I'd moved around a good bit throughout my life, planting roots in upstate New York, rural Kentucky, and even central Florida, but not even my decade in Birmingham could prepare me for the small town life that awaited me in lower Alabama. The town of less than 20,000 operated at a slower, more relaxed pace of life. No Starbucks, no Whole Foods, no movie theatre. Most of the people I met had lived there pretty much their whole life, and in a sea of new faces, I sweat under the heat of being the new kid.I felt kinda like a square...

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Tomato Galette with Basil Pesto and Feta

Tomato Galette with Pesto and Feta By The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a simply, flaky butter pie crust filled with ripe heirloom or Roma tomatoes, basil, pesto, and feta cheese. The whole thing is baked as a rustic galette style tart and is topped with parmesan cheese. This is a delicious way to use summer cherry tomatoes and a simple way to use pie crust. Find the recipe for this fun vegetable dinner or appetizer on

Summer is sending me all kinds of mixed signals. It's all frozen cocktails, ice cream cones, and beer-battered fish at one minute. The next minute I'm expected to don a bathing suit. Hop in my daisy dukes. Sport a tank top. Well guess what, Summer? I'm over it. You've tempted me with your cream cheese-laden dips and funnel cakes for too long. I'm fighting back with this here tomato galette.Yes, summer shares its bounty of fresh vegetables, ripe berries, and fragrant herbs, but honestly, I'm just not always vibing *salad*. Sometimes, I want to enjoy the summer harvest of noms with a subtle hint of decadence. On a scale of one to milkshakes, I'm not always on a full level 12, but I certainly don't want to sacrifice flavor and texture satisfaction if I don't have to. So instead, I look to treats like this tomato galette, a dish that celebrates the season's juicy ripe tomatoes and...

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YOU NEED TO KNOW: How to Brown Butter

How to Make Brown Butter Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog By Kate Wood. This is a step by step photo tutorial on how to brown butter / beurre noisette. Will give the instruction and science behind browning butter and how to make the best type of browned butter for your baked goods, sweet and savory dishes. Find out what color brown butter should be and how to know if you've browned it enough! DIY here on

Brown butter. A sexy ingredient, if you ask me.If you've been around the block a time or two, you've probably already become acquainted with brown butter. You know it by its nutty aroma and speckled amber hue. You've already been allured by the rich caramel flavors, seduced by the complexity it adds to sweet and savory dishes alike. But for the average home baker, brown butter is a mystery. What is it? Where can I find it? How do I make it?If you fall into that second category, allow me to make the introduction. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the magical world of brown butter.   WHAT IS IT? Brown butter, or beurre noisette, is basically regular old butter that is gently melted and cooked until it browns which results in a change of flavor, aroma, and color. Butter is made up of water, fat, and protein. When it is cooked beyond the point of melting, the...

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Lemon Mint Sorbet

Lemon Mint Sorbet Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog by Kate Wood. This is a refreshing, frozen, lemon and mint sorbet made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, mint, and simple syrup. This ice cream is made in a ice cream maker and requires very little active prep time. Similar to a granita or frozen Italian ice, this treat is the perfect dessert to serve on a hot day! Find the recipe on

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But if you live in Alabama, it's the middle of July, and you're one heat wave away from the surface of the sun, you scrap the lemonade and make lemon mint sorbet instead.Selma, Alabama summers are relentless. Temps nearing triple digits, 100% humidity, and zero chance of breeze ensure that you spend the majority of your days with bad hair and sweat stains in all of the wrong places. Days lengthened by sunlight feel even longer when you're cooped up indoors, saving yourself from the sweltering temperatures and relentless sun rays. Trust me, it's far from glamorous.Some days, I just want a reprieve. I find myself daydreaming of my days as a waitress, longing for just a few brief moments of alone time in the walk-in cooler. I think of our Alaskan vacation and how good it would feel to plant my naked rear-end...

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