Jamocha Popsicles (& Introducing Baby Charlie!)

Bananas Bailey's and Coconut Popsicles Recipe by The Wood and Spoon Blog by kate Wood. This is a boozy, creamy popsicle made from Bailey's Irish cream, bananas, and cream of coconut. This frozen dessert take on the tropical beach drink is the perfect summer poptail. Boozy desserts have never been so fun and easy to make! Dip the popsicle in a magic chocolate shell and toasted coconut for a festive pretty take on these popsicles. Find the recipe and how to make homemade popsicles on thewoodandspoon.com

Popsicles and babies. Two of the world’s cutest // nom-able things. Of course I’m excited to share a new recipe for jamocha popsicles with you today, but can we just slow clap for the cuteness that is my newborn bun from the oven? A month ago we welcomed a baby boy into the world, and it fills my heart to no end to be able to introduce you to the healthy, happy snuggler that I get to call my own. Thank you in advance for letting me Mom all over this blog for a minute before we dive into the chocolate/ coffee/popsicle situation.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

To start the story, let’s go back. Like, 500 years back to the end of January. I was about 20 weeks pregnant, we were gearing up for #MonthofChocolate on this site, and Brett and I were on the verge of hosting a gender reveal for our third baby. Remember this post when we announced it was a baby girl? Yes, we popped balloons, there was pink confetti stuck to the bottom of my shoes for a month, and we began preparing our toddlers for life with a new little sister. Let’s pause for a big LOL break, because the joke was on us.

Last month, I went in for my 39-week check-up and my OBGYN confirmed that we could induce labor since the baby was practically falling out. (Sorry, TMI.) I waddled myself right over to the hospital, strapped on that pantsless tarp that they call a “hospital gown,” and in less than 3 hours I was ready to push. The delivery was seamless, and with my husband, Mom, and BFF photographer at my bedside, we heard baby buddy’s first cries within a matter of minutes. Even after birthing two other children, there’s still nothing like the rattle of that first cry. It’s such a miracle every time, and even just the thought of it takes my breath away. Let’s take a quick cry break for the hormonal ones in the crowd (raises hand).

It’s A….

Long story short, the doctor called the time of delivery and announced we had a boy. Shocked isn’t even the word. This was a full-blown, brain-exploding, inexplicable bomb of joy that would later take me days to process and fully grasp. Brett was elated by the surprise, Aimee was thrilled to claim her spot as Mama’s only girl, and George quickly decided he wanted his “baby brudder” to be named… George. Our two days in the hospital were mostly spent deliberating on a name, and we finally landed on Charlie, a name that, ironically, means “Man.” Nothing girly about this kid.

So back to present day. We’re a month in, and I’m happy to report that the transition has been more than sweet. We’ve been getting relatively good sleep, Aimee and George adore their new sibling, and our family has been on the receiving end of so much love, help, and support from friends and family alike. Charlie is easy to soothe, a great eater, and mostly smells likes all those cozy clean new baby smells we all know and love. Thank God for this enormously surprising and joyful blessing we get to call our own!

I’m so grateful for this addition and friends like you to share it with, so let’s cut to the chase and check out a few more cute baby pictures, ok?  Sidenote, my lifelong friend Jesse Walsh of Dreamtown Co. is the photographer behind these photos. Yes, she’s available for hire, and yes she’s worth every penny. Check out her site here.

Jamocha Popsicles

Now on to these jamocha popsicles. Have you ever had a jamocha shake? You know, the ones from Arby’s? I have zero shame in declaring my adoration for this fast food treat and have long been antsy to turn that brown bag snack into a frozen popsicle that you guys could chill out with at home. I’m really pumped with how these turned out and I think you’ll like them too.

Jamocha Popsicles by wood and spoon blog. Coffee mocha chocolate popsicles with a magic chocolate candy shell. these frozen treats taste like the cream Arby's milkshake copycat and are studded with cacao nibs and cookie crumbs. Find the recipe for this caffeinated homemade treat on thewoodandspoon.com

These jamocha popsicles are seriously simple to make and require only a handful of ingredients. They freeze soft to the tooth and are more creamy than icy. The chocolate shell is completely optional, but I love it for an extra dose of rich chocolate and crunch. I like to keep my popsicles fresh in little twist-tie baggies, but you may find yourself gobbling them up faster than that! Give the recipe a look below and check out my favorite popsicle mold here.

Thank you for sharing in our new baby bliss. I hope you enjoy these jamocha popsicles and give them a try ASAP. Have a great weekend!

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Jamocha Popsicles

These are a coffee and chocolate flavored creamy popsicle with a chocolate shell, cookie crumbs, and cacao nibs!

  • Author: Kate Wood
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 9
  • Category: Dessert


  • 11/2 cups (360 gm) milk
  • 11/2 cups (360 gm) heavy whipping cream
  • 21/2 tablespoons espresso powder
  • 3/4 cup (180 gm) simple syrup (see notes)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup coconut oil, solid
  • Chocolate cookies crumbs or cacao nibs


  1. Combine the milk and heavy whipping cream in a bowl with a spout. Add the espresso powder and stir to combine. Allow the espresso powder to dissolve, about 5-10 minutes, whisking frequently to incorporate the powder. Stir in the simple syrup and vanilla extract.
  2. Pour the mixture into your popsicle molds and allow to freeze per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can make bigger or smaller pops than what I made, but keep in mind that your yield may differ.
  3. Once frozen, make your magic shell topping. Combine the chocolate chips and coconut oil and microwave in a bowl in 20 second intervals, whisking afterwards until the chips have melted. Allow to cool for 5 minutes while you remove the pops from the forms. I like the dip to plastic forms in a cup of hot water for 15 seconds and then place the pops on a cold cookie sheet lined with plastic wrap. Pour the magic shell topping into a glass just wide enough to fit the popsicles and dip each popsicle in quickly. Sprinkle with cookie crumbs or cacao nibs if desired. Freeze until you’re ready to enjoy!


  • You can purchase simple syrup at the store, but I make my own. Combine equal parts water and sugar in a saucepan on the stove over medium heat. Stir occasionally, cooking until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool in a heat safe container. I usually cook 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar and store in a mason jar in my fridge.

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14 thoughts on “Jamocha Popsicles (& Introducing Baby Charlie!)”

  1. Haven’t made the recipe yet. Just want to thank you for sharing these family pictures. All your children look so happy! Charlie – well there is nothing to compare to a newborn baby. He is just perfect!
    God bless you and your family.

  2. He is adorable and what a surprise!!!! Just goes to show that God has a sense of humor! Let all the memories be good ones and blessings be to many to handle!! Bless you and your family!
    Can’t wait to try the recipe although I was captivated by the pictures of the baby!!!

  3. What a beautiful post! Welcome to Charlie! My takeaway from this post is that you and your family are remarkable, what a blessing to know of another truly happy family. May God bless you all and hold you close.

  4. I just made your strawberry ice box pie for the, oh lets say 100th time and it is delicious, can’t wait to try these popsicles but mostly wanted to say YAY for your new baby, kids are everything (even when they grow up to be 21 and 19 like mine, they are still the biggest bomb).

  5. My dear Kate, CONGRATULATIONS on a BOY!! How wonderful for you and your beautiful family. The pictures are some of the best ever. Charlie captured with his tongue sticking out…Priceless! Seems to be saying…ha…got cha…I’m a BOY! And then, the pictures of family…amazing. Oh, and you simply look beautiful. I LOVE COFFEE(yep..one of those coffee snobs) and I plan to prepare quickly to have on these hot, humid days in the south. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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